Interesting Facts

This is where you can read interesting and fun facts about the Sarvarian family.

Arin and Areg Sarvarians are born on the same day in different years!

That’s right, Napoleon’s grandsons and Arthur’s two boys were both born on the same calendar day but in different years.

Vova Vladimir Sarvarian played chess with Gary Kasparov.

Hard to believe, but yes, during his younger years working as an anesthetist at a Baku hospital Sasha Sarvarian’s son Vova, kept getting calls from the nurse that a barely teenage patient who just had an aphanius surgery is eager to play chess with him. (Apparently Vova had a reputation of being the best in the game in that ward.) Finally finishing with few other patients, Vova reluctantly agrees to play a quick game at his break, which turns into a quicker than expected loss. Embarrassed he asks for another game, which he still loses in utter disbelief only to discover years later that he had lost to a future world chess grand master.

Beside Leonid, both George and Silva appear in Mushegh’s final movie “Haj Jabar Dar Paris”

While Leonid gets a lead role thanks to his age, virtue and maybe acting talent, but both teenage George and newly engaged Silva have few seconds of screen presence in the movie that was a sequel to “Shabneshini Dar Jahanam”, the blockbuster phenomena of pre-revolution Iranian cinema.

Edward Balassanian is the first Iranian to ever to play the role of Shakespeare’s Othello in Farsi. 

According to History of Iranian Theater, published in 1995 and written by Mostafa Oskooyi, the first ever Persian speaking Othello setting foot on the stage of Iranian theater is Sonia Sarvarian’s older son Edward Ballasanian who later moves to London to pursue his career in architecture.